Dissecting The Deal

Dissecting The Deal

Real estate investing is a unique business. Join your host, Michael Liddicoat (Managing Broker, Realtor, and Fixated On Real Estate - Yakima Chapter Meetup Host), as he interviews investors from around the nation to uncover how they are making money. If you are a new investor looking to tackle your first deal or an experienced investor looking to hear about interesting strategies, you've come to the right place. Get your calculators out. It's time to Dissect The Deal.


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Dec. 8, 2020

Creative Finance During Covid with Marsay Winder

Ever run out of cash to buy a property? Marsay Winder knows that creative financing is the way to prevent this from happening. Listen to Marsay tell us how he got a great deal by using a lease option. To connect with Marsay:…
Dec. 3, 2020

Renting By The Room with Sarah Weaver

How do you cash flow $800 on a property? Sarah Weaver shares how she found an asset class and a location that allows her to use rent by the room. Sarah tells us how she created a model that she wants to dig into. To connect …
Dec. 1, 2020

Nomadic Investing: Buying Out of State When Out of Country with Sarah Weaver

What if your rental managed itself? What if your tenants selected your next tenant? Sarah Weaver shows us how she has found a way to invest in properties while she is out of the country. To connect with Sarah: https://instag…
Nov. 26, 2020

Analysis Paralysis on a Georgia Fourplex with Sabrina Maples

Feel stuck on a deal you're doing? Sabrina Maples was feeling the same way on a four plex in Georgia. This episode we test out the format for Analysis Paralysis. A recurring segment where we talk with an investor about a dea…
Nov. 24, 2020

Dividing a Parcel to Make a Profit with Aaron Royce

Would you walk away from this deal? Aaron Royce thought he had an ok money making deal. Then reality and bad relationships created the deal that would not complete itself. Listen to Aaron tell you how he ended up dividing th…
Nov. 19, 2020

How Networking Got Me My First Small Multi-Family Deal with Rich Carey

The number one thing you can do every day to find deals is NETWORKING! Rich Carey is on the show today to tell us how he got his first small multi-family property by attending his local meetup. Rich has achieved his goal of …

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How Google Helped Me Acquire My House Hack with Ruben Galindo

The following is a transcript from my interview with Ruben Galindo.  The audio and video are available through our channels here if you're interested: Michael Liddicoat  0:02  Hello investors and welcome to Episode Two of dissecting …

About the Host

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Michael Liddicoat

At 16 Michael knew he wanted to be a teacher. His goal was to retire with a Mr. Holland's Opus style send-off. But life has different plans for all of us. After 3 years in the public schools, state budget cuts caused Michael to find a different career. With a passion for learning and breaking down complex concepts, Michael has gained experience in a variety of areas: Professional Development, Economic Development, Non-Profit Management, Telecommunications Sales, Project Management, Real Estate, SaaS Product Development, and Product Management.

In 2018 Michael started the Central Washington Real Estate Investment Meetup to educate investors looking to build passive income. This group became an Affiliate of Fixated On Real Estate in 2019. After celebrating 2 years of monthly networking and programs, Covid hit. In order to find some way to keep the investors in his group motivated, Michael started Dissecting The Deal as a virtual meetup supplement.