Dec. 3, 2020

Renting By The Room with Sarah Weaver

How do you cash flow $800 on a property? Sarah Weaver shares how she found an asset class and a location that allows her to use rent by the room. Sarah tells us how she created a model that she wants to dig into.


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Sarah Weaver


Sarah Weaver believes you should live where you want and invest where the numbers make sense. Sarah is living proof of this. Sarah has traveled to 44 countries and has worked remotely for the past five years. She invests in buy-and-hold rentals in the U.S. yet is currently living in New Zealand.

Sarah makes it easy for investors to do the same and to add out-of-state buy-and-hold real estate to their portfolio through Agents Invest, an investor-focused brokerage. She is also a moderator and contributor for a members-only mastermind called ROI Inner Circle ran through the Addicted to ROI community.

Nothing thrills Sarah more than to grow real estate agents' businesses by connecting agents with more investor clients. Agents helping more people and making more money is gold!

She has used house hacking as an investment strategy to buy three doors in Kansas City. Sarah has lived in five states and on four continents. It's hard to know where Sarah is any given day, but one thing stays the same: she loves this stuff!

You can follow her on Instagram @sarahdweaver at