Dec. 8, 2020

Creative Finance During Covid with Marsay Winder


Ever run out of cash to buy a property? Marsay Winder knows that creative financing is the way to prevent this from happening. Listen to Marsay tell us how he got a great deal by using a lease option.


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Marsay Winder Profile Photo

Marsay Winder

Investor and Pastor

CKJW Properties was founded in 2017 by Marsay Winder. Marsay has been around construction most of his life. Marsay began working on job sites cleaning up, climbing ladders, learning framing, roofing, and plumbing through his Dad's construction company. His first exposure to real estate investing came through His father as well. While his dad started out fixing houses, eventually he moved on to acquiring them and turning them into rentals.
Fast forward over years twenty later, CKJW Properties was born. Since its inception, CKJW Properties has primarily invested in multifamily projects ranging from renovation overhauls to turn key rent ready properties. We specialize in renovation projects, tenant screening, and property management to effectively create added value and generate significant returns for our investing partners.
Marsay Winder, aka The Property Pastor is a husband, father, and Senior Pastor of Branches of the Vine Community Church in Hampton, VA. Additionally, Marsay works at Canon Virginia, Inc as an engineering manager. Marsay founded CKJW Properties with a vision of providing safe and affordable housing throughout Hampton Roads. Inspired by leaving a legacy for his three children (C)haris, (K)aitlin, and (J)ayden, Marsay seeks to instill and empower an entrepreneurial spirit in all whom he meets and partners with.